Exciting news for those who love to study the Word of God! Judaic Studies Institute has 4 fantastic programs that will increase your biblical understanding of Holy Scripture. Take any of these courses and you will be blessed. Program 1: Certificate or diploma courses … 20 to choose from! You will gain valuable insights into the beauty of Messiah Yeshua.    Program 2: Ordination courses tailored to your choice of study … these courses will take time and effort, reflecting the depth of study required. Program 3: For a select few JSI offers approved Religious Degrees at the Associates, Bachelors and Masters level. Complete the Masters level and you qualify for Semicha/Ordination as a Messianic Rabbi.   ü  Program 4: Allows you to earn an approved Doctorate/Ph.D. in Religious Studies. The level of time and commitment is very high… few will be able to complete this program. For those who do, the rewards are great.    The Judaic Studies Institute is a multi-faceted religious education school, equipping people to serve in the body of Messiah. Make no mistake Yeshua is front and center in all that the Institute engages in. You will view the Word of God in the context and setting is was meant to be received in. It will be like sitting with the Talmidim, discussing what the Master said.  Email JSI today… begin this exciting journey!

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The Judaic Studies Institute - Taking the Living Torah [Yeshua] to the Nations!

Do you want to walk in the footsteps of Yeshua [Jesus] HaMoshiach [The Messiah]? 

  •  Do you want to draw closer to the Holy One of Israel? 
  •  Are you questioning segments of Christian doctrine? 
  •  Are you searching for a Light within the confusion that surrounds us? 
  •  Are you looking for guidelines and instructions from The Almighty as Yeshua Himself taught and explained to His Talmidim/Disciples? 
Are you one of the increasing numbers seeking to learn and study the bible through the lens of Yeshua our Messiah?  Do you hunger to understand the customs and traditions of the time Yeshua walked the earth?  Are you wanting to embark on a journey that will not only change your life for the better but change those you love and come in contact with?
The Judaic Studies Institute offers a range of courses and teachings that will assist you in your faithfulness to The Almighty. Do not deny yourself and loved ones the blessings that are associated in learning and applying the Master’s teachings and guidelines. Countless millions have had their lives changed for the better when applying the Living Torah to their everyday lives. This is not theory but fact, and when you join The Judaic Studies Institute you will experience this for yourself.

These courses are not only designed to increase your intellectual knowledge and theology but increase your faithfulness and understanding of what it means to be aLight to the Nations.
The Judaic Studies Institute wants you to become a shining light in your home, community and beyond providing you with the necessary tools to help you grow in your biblical faith and faithfulness. Become a link in the chain taking the Living Torah [Yeshua] to the Nations. 
Discover the nuggets found in the Tanach [Old Testament] regarding Yeshua HaMoshiach and the importance of walking out His instructions and teachings. Join with others who are presently digging up fresh ground and planting fresh seeds by studying with The Judaic Studies Institute.
At The Judaic Studies Institute you will learn the wonderful and majestic oracles of our Father, teachings that guide us along a path of righteousness according to the anointed scriptures as lived and taught by HaMoshiach Yeshua. [The Christ Jesus] These teachings will and have transformed countless lives. Those who follow the teachings and instructions of The Almighty become outstanding citizens of biblical Israel.
Don't delay in asking for your free copy of Who Is Israel? By Rabbi Mordecai Silver.
The Judaic Studies Institute not only educates the believer but changes lives because it teaches the mighty instructions of God for His people.

There is no greater privilege than living a life pleasing to the Holy One of Israel. This requires more than lip service and study, it requires action, dedication and hard work. Starting a project is often the most difficult for many. Sometimes old traditions and teachings need re-evaluating. For instance, many who believe the bible, do not grasp the fact Yeshua [Jesus] was very Jewish and adhered to what are called Jewish practices. Learning the “Jewishness” of Yeshua is a vital ingredient to biblical faith and faithfulness. The Judaic Studies Institute will help you understand this in a biblical manner.
These courses and teachings may not be for everyone, as they will most likely challenge much of your present understanding. Yet The Master Himself challenged the establishments of His day, sadly most rejected His call.The Judaic Studies Institute has not been established to denigrate other institutions or biblical education systems, but they do want to bring the teachings and commandments of The Master to His people and take the Living Torah to the Nations.
Be encouraged to explore the opportunities that The Judaic Studies Institute offer. It will be a blessing to you and your loved ones. There is nothing more exciting for the Child of The Living God than to view His Word and Instructions for His people through the lens of Yeshua HaMoshiach.
Become a biblical disciple of Yeshua, join with The Judaic Studies Institute and help us take the Living Torah to the Nations.
Blessings in Yeshua HaMoshiach,
Rabbin Deborah Brandt, Ph.D. 
Rabbi Mordecai Silver, Ph.D.
Rabbi Philip Hammond, Ph.D. - Staff Advisor


Are you one of the increasing numbers seeking to learn and study the bible through the lens of Yeshua our Messiah?  Do you hunger to understand the customs and traditions of the time Yeshua walked the earth?  Are you wanting to embark on a journey that will not only change your life for the better, but change those you love and come in contact with?