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Interference Out Of Control

Interference Out Of Control

About Rabbi Philip (Yochanan) Hammond

Rabbi Philip Hammond, Ph.D., lives in Australia with his wife Debra. Rabbi Hammond is the President of JSI-Judaic Studies Institute and the Rosh of the UITAM-United In Torah And Moshiach. Rabbi Hammond's desire is to see reconciliation between Judah, the Ten Tribes and the Nations. This is a burning passion of his and he seeks to make connections with Judah to repair the breech.



Living our lives without constant interference from the authorities is well and truly over. The rules and regulations we now have to adhere to have gone far and beyond what is fair and reasonable. I had been away from the farming industry for over 40 years before returning to the family farm. I am shocked at the red tape that is involved in the farming industry. You are required to have a licence for almost any activity you wish to undertake on your own property, even though you may have been doing that activity for over 50 years and know how to do it in a very professional manner. Government authorities rule and oversee every area of our lives. The people who work within these departments were once known as Public Servants and were to provide services that benefited the community. These days they spend countless hours justifying their jobs and draw up unnecessary rules and regulations that stifle our communities. Not only do they engage in drawing up these unnecessary rules and regulations that relate to business but they pass laws that tell us how to live our lives and what we can comment on and what we cannot comment on. Government is quickly taking over the role of “parent” in our homes, passing rules and regulations that pit child against parent. Curriculum's in schools demean many of the foundations that once were the pillars of our society. The voice of the conservative citizen is ignored and ridiculed in the offices of power. We are fast removing ourselves from the direction and guidance found in the bible. This certainly appears to be a deliberate attack on our Judean-Christian culture. Our children are encouraged to rebel against the life style outlined in the bible. Relationships are treated very lightly with most now done via some electronic machine. Teenagers receive their “life skills” from the internet and are enticed into behaviours that can lead to serious problems throughout different stages of their lives. The invasion into our lives is unprecedented in so many ways. Because of the advancement in electronic technology there is very little privacy left. Wars are literally fought from a computer key pad. There are satellites in space that take regular photos of our properties. The authorities can spy on your activities without leaving their offices.


You don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist to be worried and concerned about the invasion and interference in our lives. I am very concerned we are being manipulated into giving away our freedoms and unless you yield to the powers of anti-biblical authorities you will be discriminated against.


I find it very disturbing when someone who kills a Kangaroo can be in more trouble than someone who bashes and robs an elderly person. I find it very disturbing when so many of our citizens are taking dangerous drugs, both legal and illegal drugs. I find it very disturbing when life is no longer cherished and violence is an everyday event in our communities. The perpetrators are becoming younger and younger and no one is ashamed of their actions. I am becoming more convinced that the interference and intrusion into our lives is a deliberate plan to bring absolute chaos upon our societies so the population can be brought to a point where any resistance to tremendous change has evaporated. I hear over and over people saying, “the world has gone mad”. People are becoming despondent and confused. They are seeking answers but know not where to go, because this intrusion into our lives has left us without stability or a system of reliability.

There is only One who doesn’t change, providing us with the stability and reliability that we desperately need. The Creator of heaven and earth, the Holy One of Israel, is the only One who can bring us out of this mess. However, HaShem has been frozen out of our lives through the invasion and interference of powers that despise His Name and we will witness the ongoing consequences of choosing to allow this to happen.

May HaShem indeed have mercy on us all!  


 Rabbi Philip [Yochanan] Hammond. PhD.



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