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Looking for Good News Stories

Looking for Good News Stories

About Rabbi Philip (Yochanan) Hammond

Rabbi Philip Hammond, Ph.D., lives in Australia with his wife Debra. Rabbi Hammond is the President of JSI-Judaic Studies Institute and the Rosh of the UITAM-United In Torah And Moshiach. Rabbi Hammond's desire is to see reconciliation between Judah, the Ten Tribes and the Nations. This is a burning passion of his and he seeks to make connections with Judah to repair the breech.





It can be a little depressing when you are addressing the more negative aspects of life rather than the more positive aspects of life. I thought to myself, “self” why not look for a good news story and write about that? Then in thinking about this I realised what is a good news story for one is the opposite for another and visa versa. This fact came home to roost in Australia this week.

There was one story out of many that divided the community.  Some embraced this as a great news story and others saw it as a sad abominable story. A four year old child, I repeat a four year old child has who apparently identifies as transgender has actually begun the process of transition before even beginning school. It has been revealed that hundreds, yes hundreds of children are being referred to hospitals in NSW for gender dysphoria. Some of these children are reported to be as young as 3 years. It is also reported that the Education Department is totally supporting the transition of the 4 year old and it is all attached to this program called “Safe Schools”. It is also reported that a major hospital in Melbourne has 250 children being assisted by what is called the gender dysphoria unit. Ten years ago this same unit had only one. For the social engineering left this has been a great news story, and the levels of excitement and support for this is very high. For those of us with a biblical world view it is another reminder how far our societies are moving away from the instructions of our Creator. How anyone can even begin to believe this is a great advancement for our communities is mindboggling.


A four year old child cannot make an informed decision on such a life changing issue. Surely this borders on “child abuse”. The push for homosexual lifestyles to be accepted by all members of our communities has no boundaries. If you disagree with this agenda you are unfairly labelled as homophobic. The propaganda machine of the homosexual lobby is in full swing and they appear to have an attitude of “whatever it takes”. Whilst not all homosexuals have such an aggressive attitude, those that are pushing the agenda are very militant. The invasion into our education system is now at a level that could be seen as unstoppable. What is really frustrating for those who are against this onslaught is that the playing field is full of unjust weights and measures. The issue of freedom of speech in Australia has been fought around the homosexual issue and Islam. Speak against these and you can quickly find yourself in trouble with the authorities, where as if you held the same views against Christianity or Judaism or conservative values you would be supported by these same authorities. The shift in attitudes and lifestyle foundations over the past 50 years has been enormous. On many issues there has been an 180deg turn around. Not all these changes have been bad or negative, but any change that goes against the instructions of HaShem will bring with it darkness and sickness. The harm that is caused by drugs and alcohol alone is out of control. The hurt and pain caused by “casual relationships” is not addressed because these relationships are encouraged by many in positions of education and power. Most of the TV shows, films and social media outlets encourage these “casual relationships”. Almost every film and TV “show” has a homosexual character or characters in the story line, often with a political agenda attached. If you believed the propaganda you would be forgiven to think any family or group without a “resident” homosexual was completely out of the ordinary.


Respect for self, and others, is disappearing at a rapid rate in our communities. Life is losing its value and when life has no value the most evil of acts are committed without conscience. We are at a time in history when the general populace is practicing what is right in their own eyes. There are no foundations, boundaries, or Godly values at the forefront of our lifestyle choices. Unfortunately for most this is now a “good news” story instead of a “bad news” story. Make no mistake we are reaping what we are now sowing and there is every chance it will become much worse before it becomes better. Only HaShem can bring about the changes required and until He decides enough is enough we are left to our own deficient devices encouraging 4 year old children to change genders.


May HaShem indeed have mercy on us all!


Rabbi Philip [Yochanan] Hammond. PhD.


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