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Not Making A Decision Is Still Making A Decision

Not Making A Decision Is Still Making A Decision

About Rabbi Philip (Yochanan) Hammond

Rabbi Philip Hammond, Ph.D., lives in Australia with his wife Debra. Rabbi Hammond is the President of JSI-Judaic Studies Institute and the Rosh of the UITAM-United In Torah And Moshiach. Rabbi Hammond's desire is to see reconciliation between Judah, the Ten Tribes and the Nations. This is a burning passion of his and he seeks to make connections with Judah to repair the breech.




I read somewhere the following, “The future is coming whether your prepared or not”. This is a simple statement, but I wonder how many actually contemplate the depth of such a statement. If I recall correctly this statement was in some material advertising the importance of financial planning for the future. However the statement holds true for all areas of our lives. We all face the future, the time frames will vary, but we all face a future.


Preparing for the future is important, but how people prepare and what they prepare for will differ amongst the populace. The world view someone holds will influence preparations taken or rejected. For instance someone who is an atheist will not take into account any decisions with HaShem in mind. Where as someone who practices Judaism will obviously make decisions with HaShem in mind.


The decisions my wife and I take are heavily influenced by what we believe HaShem would have us do and on the foundations of Torah. Unfortunately we are well and truly in the minority. If I was to enter our public education institutions and ask what programs were put into place influenced by faith in HaShem, I would be told none. If I were to ask students if they considered HaShem in future decision processes, I would be most likely asked, “Who is HaShem”? Very few students in our public educations institutions would even know Who HaShem is let alone consider HaShem in their decision making processes.


Students are easy pickings when we discuss this issue, but I find this unfair. Our children are influenced by their “elders”. It those of us who are a little older who should be showing the way, and I am sad to report that it is us who have started this decline in removing HaShem from our decisions making processes. As our communities and societies move further away from any acknowledgment of HaShem, out future decisions will be based on a revolving door system. History is littered with societies that have become “cannibalistic” destroying themselves from within because of decisions taken. The Western World is fast tracking to “destruction” as we discard the Judaic and Christian foundations of our societies. I often hear the nonsensical statement, “Our world would be far better off without religion”. It may be far better off without so-called religions such as Islam, but I challenge anyone to come up with a better “system” for life than that of the Torah, especially the foundational pillars found in the Ten Words or Ten Commandments. The decisions our present leaders are making on “our behalf” are destroying our communities and societies.  


The future will arrive regardless of our preparations or lack of. There is no escaping the future. Even death does not allow you to escape the future. What will our future be? Well our future is in the Hand of HaShem. Most people deny or will deny this, but that does not change the facts. How that “Hand” guides our lives depends on the decisions we take. There are always consequences attached to our decisions. Rejecting the guiding Hand of HaShem will bring a different consequence than if you embrace the guiding Hand of HaShem. That goes for individuals, but especially communities and societies. Ignoring these issues might bring you a moment of peace and provide some solace for a time, it will not change the fact you have actually made a decision that will still have consequences.


I would like to witness a future that provides structures for healthy vibrant communities. I would like to see a change in our attitudes towards the very “medication” that can provide this. I would like to witness decisions taken and made whereby HaShem is at the very front of our thoughts and decisions making processes. I admit I am very bias in my thoughts and opinions, but I am confident in saying there is no better “system” for providing a bright and healthy future.


The future continues to arrive, we have to face it; there is no escaping it.  So what decisions are you taking to make it better for your family, community, society and country? Only you can answer this question, but it is one that should occupy your everyday decision making.


For my wife and I HaShem is the only One who can be fully trusted. He says what He means, and means what He says. His promises can be relied upon. He doesn’t “pander” to the politicians, or power brokers. He is not bribed by the rich and famous of the day. HaShem has provided the guidelines for a wonderful future, why we don’t embrace it only He knows.



Freedom is a great privilege, but how you decide to use it will determine the outcome of your future. I encourage you to use it wisely whilst you still have the chance. 


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