Finding Balance can be Difficult from the desk of Rabbi Philip Hammond, Ph.D.

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Finding Balance can be Difficult

About Rabbi Philip (Yochanan) Hammond

Rabbi Philip Hammond, Ph.D., lives in Australia with his wife Debra. Rabbi Hammond is the President of JSI-Judaic Studies Institute and the Rosh of the UITAM-United In Torah And Moshiach. Rabbi Hammond's desire is to see reconciliation between Judah, the Ten Tribes and the Nations. This is a burning passion of his and he seeks to make connections with Judah to repair the breech.





In today’s world, it is very difficult to find balance in our lives. There are so many distractions, opinions and access to all these via the internet, that we can become confused, disoriented and unbalanced. As individuals, we have a challenge to sort through all the garbage that is put in front of us, trying to pick out what is “Kosher” and what is better left alone. Decisions should be made on and in so many areas of our lives that the need for a balanced mind set has never been so important. Just a simple illustration on how our choice range has changed. When I began playing tennis over 50 years ago we had the choice of Spalding, Dunlop and Slazenger brand names. Grip sizes were limited and there were ladies, men’s and junior weights. Go into any sports store today specialising in tennis and count the choices you have available; you will certainly run out of fingers and toes to count on. Food was very limited in choice when I was a child. We had a milking cow, a veggie garden, and sheep we killed for meat. We did purchase bread with the choice of white High Tin or square loaf. We had a kerosene fridge, 12-volt battery system for lighting and we washed our clothes in a copper basin, carried hot water from the copper basin into the bath to bath in. We had no TV, with newspapers and the radio being the only means of outside “influence and contact”, and a series called Blue Hills was listened by all at midday as people sat down to eat their midday meal. Our choices were few and as such influences were few. Obviously, this had its advantages and disadvantages, but today choices are unlimited and influences are unlimited and in general we find balance hard to find. As I write this I cannot help but think of the way many nations are so unbalanced in their treatment of Israel. “Governing” bodies throughout the world have a different set of rules and expectations for Israel. Take the despicable decision of UNESCO to reject any Jewish or Christian connection to the Temple Mount. We have nations who not only should know better but do know better abstaining from the vote thus supporting the denial of history and strengthening the lies being perpetrated. This is just an expansion of the Holocaust denial garbage. Then we have the Leftist politicians and supporters banging on about human rights, women’s rights, LGBT rights but then turn around and support Muslim nations who have the most horrific record regarding these issues. As the saying goes, “The world has gone mad”.


Unbalance creates a large divide, because you find extremes at both ends of the “scale”. Whilst diversity of opinion is healthy, unbalance can be extremely unhealthy. It is vital that people understand the world that we are currently living in. It is a world in turmoil and confusion. People are making unbalanced decisions that they would have once shunned or at least questioned. A contributing factor to this is the lack of responsible balanced cohesive leadership throughout society, thus people have no models of a balanced view. You need look no further than the USA at present and see who is running for President. This is supposed to be the greatest nation on the earth, yet Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Trump are the best they have to offer? Australia is no different, we have Mr. Shorten and Mr. Turnbull as the supposed best, the place is a shambles and almost out of control. Here in Australia you are likely to receive a greater penalty for shooting a kangaroo than if you kill or bash an aged pensioner. We have our public hospital beds and ambulances taken up by people who have overdosed on illegal drugs, leaving others in medical need on “the outer”. Our Governments send countless millions of dollars over to corrupt nations and institutions whilst lowering pensioner entitlements. Australia is a nation that should never be in debt, but our current financial books are in disarray, with our debt rising every day due to foolish almost treasonous decisions. The confidence level of the populace is low, and it is very possible that they will continue on a downward slide.


All this should be of no surprise as we move further and further away from the foundation of biblical principles and Torah. A life without biblical Torah is a life in danger of becoming unbalanced. A nation without biblical principles and Torah is a nation in danger of becoming unbalanced. Unfortunately, we are witnessing this at present. The “Western World” is fast becoming an unbalanced world, making decisions that are affecting their citizens. We have people arriving from different cultures and faiths and the “educated” decision makers are forcing their own citizens to change their views and culture to suit the immigrants view and culture. The leaders of the Western World are very busy destroying the very system that has allowed them to live the life they currently live in and the very system that so many from other nations and faiths find so attractive. We could label this “self-destruction”.


Friends we currently live in a very unbalanced, precarious world and the stage is set for great change that could tip us over the edge into a period of pain and darkness. Yes, there are still wonderful places, people, etc to be found and experienced. However there is a tremendous change taking place as we shift focus from the balance of biblical principles to other unbalanced principles.

I suggest you hang on to HaShem, as at some time the ride will become very rough and you will need a strong reliable, balanced Hand to hold onto and there is none better than the Hand of HaShem and HaMoshiach.







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