ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! by Rabbi Yochanan Hammond




There are times when we feel defeated; when we feel the whole world is against us. These can be testing times as you find yourself battling that feeling of defeat. These moments can last for long or short periods and all those in between.


It is during these times that support and reason can make a difference to the outcomes. It is also a time when you are open to thoughts and opinions that can make matters much worse instead of better. At these moments I often find myself reflecting on the conversation between Job and his “friends” when Job was feeling defeated. People are ever ready to offer advice, and the advice can vary greatly depending on the person’s “world view”. It is important to digest opinions carefully, but those that go against a biblical “world view” should be treated accordingly. Even those that stem from a biblical world view should be carefully evaluated, as statements, words and instructions can be twisted and taken out of context.


I am persuaded when truth is denied and rejected, that one can feel defeated. Lies and propaganda have a taxing affect on those striving to bring facts and truth. Unfortunately many of our media organisations seem more interested in promoting lies and propaganda than truth and facts. This is especially the case when it comes to the subject of Israel. Has there ever been so many lies and propaganda told about any other nation in history? The latest lies promoted by the UN and UNESCO backed by Western Governments is mind blowing. The rise of anti-Semitism within the Western world is becoming a worrying factor for Jewish people. I personally do not understand why more Jews do not make aliyah even with the problems associated with the so-called Palestinians. However I must remind myself just how many of our people actually despise their heritage. So I must ask, “how other nations and countries can be expected to respect our history and heritage when so many of our own people despise and reject it”? We all know a house divided will fall and the house of Israel qualifies for this position. Those who are desperately trying to destroy Israel are constantly taking advantage of the fractured house of Israel. Not only is this taking place with those on the outside, such as Arab nations, other Moslem nations, the EU, UN and others, but it is rife on the “home front”. The Presidency of Obama has added fuel to the lies and propaganda and we can only pray that this may change. I must admit I was stunned to learn of the role New Zealand played in the latest UN farce. How those who are educated and profess to hold to the tenants of decency can side with barbaric nations over the nation of Israel is difficult to fathom. Whilst there is some good support amongst Christianity for our nation, far too many still side with the enemies of Israel.


When one reads [perhaps I should stop] all the lies and propaganda against Israel from sources that not only should know better but do know better, one can begin to feel defeated. It is at such times one needs reminding that HaShem is in total control and nothing but nothing takes Him by surprise. HaShem will deal with all the lies and propaganda in His perfect time frame. It is our duty as citizens of biblical Israel to try and defend the facts and truth whenever we can. To help us in these difficult circumstances we require the support and reason of Torah as we await the arrival of HaMoshiach. Citizens and supporters of Israel may feel defeated at times, but a time is coming when HaShem will say, “enough is enough” and all enemies of Israel will be made the footstool of HaMoshiach.


Until then let all children of Israel fight the good fight and be faithful to the Holy One of Israel, blessed be His Name.



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