Life Is What It Is??!! Change-Good Or Bad?!

Change-Good Or Bad?? by Rabbi Yochanan Hammond





Changes in circumstances are as old as time. Perhaps the biggest change in history was when Chava decided to partake of the forbidden fruit. The perfect suddenly became polluted and a change took place that is still felt to this day. Now I understand most will dismiss that event as nothing more than a vivid imagination by some writer years ago. None the less it is hard to argue against the fact that change has indeed been happening since time began. It is also a fact that change can be good, bad or somewhere in between. The world at present is going through some significant changes. Some of these changes are good, some are bad and some are in between. What is intriguing is that there are vast differences in opinion as to what is good, bad or in between. Allow me to explain. Take ISIS for example, it would be hoped that the majority would consider the actions of ISIS as extremely bad. Yet we cannot dismiss the fact that ISIS is seen by some as extremely good. I have written before about the fact that we are witnessing what was once called evil now being labelled as good and what was once called good now being labelled as evil. There has been and there continues to be changes in people’s morals and the “boundaries” therein. These changes are creating havoc amongst the general populace. The addiction to drugs, alcohol and the internet are doing horrific damage to the structure of our societies. A person on “ice” can change from a loving, caring individual to a rampant dangerous individual. Alcohol abuse has destroyed many families. The internet has been responsible for all kinds of social abuses and misinformation. These abuses have resulted in young people committing suicide. Yet little is done to remedy the situation. There is an unhealthy pursuit of pleasure bringing a collapse of community spirit and family union. Many of our young people are either in trouble or heading for trouble as these pursuits often result in destructive behaviours. It must be said it is not only the young that pursue a life of pleasure resulting in destructive behaviours, but leaders in our communities can be just as guilty. Consider the present Royal Commission into child abuse taking place in Australia. Priests, Pastors, Rabbis and other supposed leaders of “biblical faith” in pursuing their sexual pleasures have damaged countless lives through the horrific abuse of children. It wouldn’t be stretching the truth to say that 99.9% of entertainment gatherings are flooded with alcohol and drugs backed with loud “head banging” music. I can remember the time when local dances were held, where waltzes were the norm and ladies brought a plate of home baked goodies. Alcohol was none existent accept for the few who drunk outside out of sight. I also witnessed the change when such events were not supported unless alcohol was present. Now we witness rage events where illegal drugs of differing varieties are available for any who seek them. How many of our hospital beds and emergency services are taken up by these people requiring medical assistance from overdoses, and violence? All these changes have damaged our societies. Yet we cannot escape the fact that it is our so called leaders that have caused these changes. Conservative values based on a biblical world view have been discarded by our “leaders” and exchanged for a liberal, socialist humanistic world view. This has meant HaShem has been removed from the realm of education and daily activities. What would be the percentage of people in our communities who actually acknowledge HaShem in any form? What would be the percentage of parents who guide their children with Torah or biblical foundations? How many children go to bed after saying their prayers?

The Light that drives out darkness has been removed from daily lives. There has been a complete change in attitude towards God, the Bible and biblical faith in general. This change has caused immense damage, and sadly many within the Jewish and Christian communities have chosen to remove the Light of HaShem. History shows us what happens when HaShem is rejected. Death replaces life and darkness replaces Light. Most of the governing systems in the world today are systems without the guiding Light of HaShem. The results are there for all to witness, but most are in complete denial of the reality before us.


The governing systems of today are bankrupt on many fronts and if they were small private enterprises they would be shut down and put into receivership.


Yes, change is always occurring, but many of the changes we witness today are changes we would be far better without. May HaMoshiach come and change the present circumstances, as only He has the authority to do so from HaShem. We wait patiently and with great expectation.


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