Life Is What It Is-?? Trust Is Vital!

Rabbi Yochanan Hammond, Ph.D.



Trust is Vital!

From the Desk of Rabbi Yochanan Hammond


When problems arise, which they always do, how do most address them?


I had only just begun to write this blog when I heard a cow bellowing outside. The sound caused me to stop typing and pay attention to the noise. Debra and I spend a lot of time with our cattle and can often pick up certain signals through their actions. This bellowing sounded a little different to the normal. The cows are calving so it is important to be alert to changes of behaviour. I went outside with binoculars in hand to see if I could notice anything unusual. It didn’t take long before I could see that a cow had just calved and she was looking down a steep bank that led down to a creek. She was looking distressed and bellowing with a sound of concern. Debra and I quickly jumped in the Land Rover and drove down to where she was. It was soon evident that the cow had birthed the calf at the top of the bank and the new born calf had slide down the bank into the creek. The calf was in a dangerous position and the mother had no hope of getting her new calf out of this dangerous situation. I scrambled down the bank into the water, lifted the calf out of the water and brought it onto dry land. It can be very dangerous intervening between a cow and her new born calf. The mothers can become very aggressive and charge, causing serious harm even death to the person “interfering”. So how did this cow react to the situation that caused her a problem she could not solve? Fortunately she reacted well. She certainly showed concern but never showed any sign of charging me as I held her new born calf in my arms trying to lift it onto dry ground. As soon as I put it down on dry ground she began to lick it clean and “talk” to it, making sure it was ok. She quickly positioned herself and the calf into a more safe position and it wasn’t long before the calf was drinking some fresh cow’s milk from mum. One of the reasons we were able to help the calf without having mum charge us is because of the time we spend with our cattle. Over time we have gained their trust and it is not the first time we have had to come to the rescue in a similar situation.


Any successful relationship must have trust as a key component. Without trust it is impossible to build a solid lasting healthy relationship. Trust is developed over time, as trust must be built on action rather than talk. How many times have you heard the words, “trust me” coming from the lips of someone you hardly know or is trying to sell you something? How many marriages have been destroyed by a spouse or spouses engaging in actions that result in destroying the foundations of trust? Parents and children face this challenge of trust constantly. Trust brings a picture of someone who is reliable and solid in life style, someone who supports rather than destroys, who can safely be confided in. The Prophet Isaiah had some wise words to share:


“Trust in HaShem for ever, for HaShem is a rock forever”.


We all need someone we can trust. It is impossible to find a fellow human in whom you can trust 100% all of the time in every situation. Often we cannot even trust ourselves to be trustworthy. There is little doubt that those who are reading this have at sometime let someone down or let themselves down. Every day we witness trust being broken or shattered. As you read that statement there is a greater than even chance that you are thinking of a situation whereby trust has been broken. There is also a fair chance that you are thinking of a time when you hoped you could have trusted someone but were let down.


Well there is One in whom you can put your total trust in and that is The Holy One of Israel. It is rare that you can say of “Someone” that they say what they mean, and mean what they say. HaShem is such a One. If you are looking for someone to trust and confide in then look no further than HaShem. HaShem is not a man that He should lie! 


None the less it is very difficult to have trust without love. To put total trust in someone is very difficult and without love, it is almost impossible. I would suggest that to trust HaShem in all matters, requires a level of love that can only come through building a strong relationship. Trusting HaShem is more than talk, it requires action. It requires us to bellow for help and whilst we may be anxious and a little cautious, perhaps even scared, He is the only One that can come to our rescue. We must trust Him to pick us up and put us on the safe dry ground of Torah and HaMoshiach.

Make no mistake the sustenance for mankind is found in HaMoshiach and Torah and we should be desperate to drink from this source.


May I encourage you to, “Trust in HASHEM with all your heart and do not rely upon your own understanding. In all your ways know Him, and He will smooth your paths”.



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