Life Is What It Is-?? What Next?

Rabbi Yochanan Hammond, Ph.D.



What Next?

From the Desk of Rabbi Yochanan Hammond





As I consider the direction our communities are heading I wonder what the next life changing event or decisions made by our governments will be. There is little doubt if we compare our current behaviours and attitudes against biblical values and guidance we are poles apart. Our moral compass is broken and it can no longer be relied upon to create loving lasting relationships. Turn on the TV, open a magazine, plug in your computer, go to the movies, sit in on a university lecture, view school curriculums and it soon becomes evident how far we have drifted from biblical values. Personally I am very disturbed by the increasing animosity against biblical values within the general public. It is also disturbing what is replacing these biblical values. It is “fascinating” to witness the general increase in support of Islam by those who aggressively oppose Christianity and Judaism. It makes no sense for someone who hates the Judeo Christian world view to embrace an Islamic world view. All the arguments these people bring against such a world view are to be found within Islam. Take for instance the “feminist” movement. They hate with a passion the values of the conservative Judeo Christian world view, but are often found embracing the tenets of Islam. When was the last time someone who followed the Judeo Christian world view guilty of female genital mutilation. How many women and girls are killed within families who hold to a Judeo Christian world view in the name of “family honour”? Ask these same questions regards Islam and the answers are totally different. The list of atrocities committed through adherence to fundamental Islam is long and shameful. For any feminist to choose Islam as a bed fellow is mind boggling. Any casual reading of Islamic texts and commentary will quickly expose the held belief that women are “second class” citizens at best. The elite leftist is also sympathetic to the values of Islam. Why would this be the case? How many Islamists are concerned about the environment? How many Islamists are compassionate when it comes to individual choice?


It appears that HaShem is blinding the eyes of many. The only way one can make sense of this is to understand the spiritual side of these issues. Our Western governments are making decisions that are harming the culture and future of their citizens. Once again it is only when you have an understanding of the spiritual elements of these matters that you can make some sense of their decisions. Take Sweden for instance, a country thought to be one of freedom and harmony. It is now reported that ambulance workers in Sweden are asking for gas masks and bullet proof vests to protect them from attacks in certain districts. Sweden is not the only country where governments refuse to accept the fact that “no go zones” not only exist, but are on the increase. Instead of addressing these issues and protecting the historical culture of the country, governments are submitting to the demands of those who wish to change and harm these historical cultures.

Each and every day we find a change in rule of law, brought about by our governments that take us further and further away from the stability of biblical values. I am no longer surprised at decisions made by those in power no matter how foolish and harmful they are. Those that hold to a biblical world view are decreasing and those who want to destroy the biblical world view are increasing. Even the very institutions that should be defending a biblical world view are caving into the demands of those who are bent on destroying it.


What next we may well ask. Well I cannot answer that question but I am not optimistic in the short term. I am persuaded our world will continue to move further and further away from biblical values, with the expected results following.


I can only encourage people to explore the common sense and values found within the bible, and seek the hand of HaShem to hold and protect you through these uncertain times. Rest assured HaShem will see His will done. It is only a matter of when, not if. Challenges lie ahead as they have always done, sides have to be chosen. What choices you make is your responsibility. Choose wisely and understand the consequences of your choice.



“The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: a good understanding have all they that do his commandments: his praise endureth forever.  Psalm 111:10 [JPS] 



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