Life Is What It Is-?? Time To Take Stock

Rabbi Yochanan Hammond, Ph.D.

From the Desk of Rabbi Yochanan Hammond





There are defining moments in our lives. These can arrive at any time. Sometimes we are given forewarning, other times we have them arrive on our door steps unannounced. These moments can be difficult to navigate, resulting in positive to negative outcomes. A number of these defining moments are due to our own decisions whilst others are “forced” upon us. Some of these defining moments allow us to have an influence on the outcomes, yet there are many we have little if any influence over. It is how we handle these moments that is vital to our health and wellbeing. At times positive outcomes can eventually turn into negative outcomes. The same goes for what can appear to be negative outcomes. They can often turn out to have positive outcomes.


The bible is full of examples where this is the case. The nation of Israel is a prime example. Take the time to evaluate the relationship change between the Children of Israel and HaShem when “things” are going well and when “things” are not going so well. You will notice that when Israel is doing well, the people will find themselves drifting further and further from HaShem. What starts out as a “positive” position ends up becoming a “negative” position. Taking the reverse position, we quickly discover that when Israel is in a challenging or “negative” position, they will often end up in a very “positive” position. This is due to their despair, causing them to turn to the Holy One of Israel, who rescues and directs them along a path that results in a change of direction and attitude. The exodus from Egypt is a prime example.


As a people we can learn much from this. It is my opinion that we are presently under the system of Pharaoh. We are under hard task masters who have no interest in us as individuals. I am becoming more convinced that we are fast finding ourselves in positions that we have no control over, thus defining moments are being thrust upon us. Very few people who are in positions of power have any interest in showing faithfulness to HaShem. In fact most, if not all, reject the Torah and prefer to install their own rules and regulations. This puts those of us who want to be faithful to HaShem in a “negative” position. We are being forced out of the “conversation” to the extent that we can quickly find ourselves before the courts of the land if we show our faithfulness to HaShem. Are we coming to the point whereby this defining moment is bringing us back to HaShem the Holy One of Israel? Only HaShem can rescue us from this dilemma that has been thrust upon us. We must beseech Him with a contrite heart, asking Him to supply us with the strength, wisdom and faithfulness we require to fight the good fight.


I am convinced that we face a continuing hatred of HaShem, HaMoshiach and Torah from the majority of the populace. Not only are we facing this challenge but I am persuaded this hatred will increase with new dangers arriving on our doorstep. We often hear the quote, “never again” in relation to the holocaust, but these words ring hollow when you witness the support for those who hate Israel and the Jewish people.


Friends I fear it may not be far into the future when we experience another defining moment in our lives. It would be a relief to be totally wrong on this occasion, but I think not.


I suggest you find HaShem whilst He can be found and turn this negative into a wonderful positive.


“Seek HASHEM, all you humble of the land who have fulfilled His law; seek righteousness, seek humility. Perhaps you will be concealed on the day of HASHEM’S anger.”  Zephaniah 2:3 [AST]




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