Rabbinic Semicha (Ordination)

Rabbinic Ordination with -------

 The Judaic Studies Institute –

Taking the Living Torah [Yeshua] to the Nations.


v  Do you believe you are being called by God, The Holy One of Israel to the “office” of Rabbi?

v    Have you a deep desire in your heart to serve The Almighty as a Rabbi of an assembly – whether in a home gathering--- or in a more formal manner.


     Are you seeking to further your understanding of the biblical Hebraic foundation of your faith?

  Are you prepared to undergo the time and effort it takes to become ordained as a Rabbi?

v    Are you already serving as a leader/mentor/pastor with a desire to further your understanding of the biblical Jewish connection of your faith?


YES - then please read on!


First allow me to tell an illustrative story about two people who desired to become Rabbis and lead a congregation. These two were approximately the same age, married with families and began their search to understand more about the “Jewish” side of their Christian faith. They both had the same Christian background and were prominent in their respective communities and congregations. They both believed they were called to teach and preach the Word of The Almighty. They were both enthusiastic about their journey and were more than capable of studying at a high level. In fact both had gone to University and graduated in their respective fields. Both enrolled with the Judaic Studies Institute and started off with enthusiasm and...... ...commitment to their studies and elected courses.


We wind forward four years and we find very different outcomes---- Only one was continuing his studies and immersed in the enjoyment of discovering more about his faith and Messiah Yeshua. He was blessed to have a family who fully supported his endeavours and encouraged him to continue his studies and his yearning to be ordained as a Rabbi. He was also fortunate that his small congregation embraced the change ...... and appreciated his bold move in trying to bring and teach biblical truths to them and their families. This young man was growing in his walk with the Holy One of Israel and was witnessing an increase in faithfulness to .....HaShem, Yeshua .......and his family. This was the result of him learning and understanding more and more about the Torah of Moshe through the JSI Rabbinic Ordination Program.


From the beginning he accepted that he would be challenged by this journey - and was prepared to have many of his previous thoughts and dogmas scrutinized. But most of all he understood the work load that would be involved and had mapped out with his family and himself a way clear to achieve the outcome he was seeking. He was not expecting an easy ride towards ordination, as he realised the responsibility and privilege of the “office” of Rabbi. Not just being a “Rabbi” but leading a congregation no matter how big or small was in his mind a very serious undertaking. This young man was well aware of the scripture which reads:


 “Let not many of you become teachers, for my brethren, knowing that as such we shall incur a stricter judgement.” James 3:1 [NASB]

After years of hard work and dedication this young man became ordained as a Rabbi – It was not the title of RABBI that excited him, but the increase in understanding the Holy Word of God, drawing him and his family and small congregation ever closer to The Almighty..... With what he learnt and had been taught through the Judaic Studies Institute he was better equipped to represent His heavenly Father, and follow in the footsteps of Yeshua - changing lives forever.

Yet this is only the beginning for this young man and his family-- his wife is considering taking the same course so she can guide and encourage the assembly alongside her husband..... They look forward to the blessings and excitement that awaits them in taking the Living Torah [Yeshua] to the Nations.


What of the other young man?   He did not continue his studies with the Judaic Studies Institute......circumstances arose which retarded his time and made the experience very difficult. He struggled with the many challenges that arose which clashed with previous teachings and studies he had undertaken. He found that his enthusiasm waned and he found that he was not completing assignments and courses on time.....His congregation had their doubts about the path he was taking and were concerned about him becoming “to Jewish”. He was finding it a difficult road to travel and it was taking a toll on his personal life.


After a period he decided that the ordination program offered by the Judaic Studies Institute was not for him or his family -- the obstacles were too great. It is important to understand this does not make him or the Judaic Institute a “failure” in any way. It just meant at this point in time it was not right for him, his family or congregation. He re-adjusted his life and continued to seek The Almighty on a clearer direction on his call.


You see..... this program is not for everyone – it is very important for any contemplating enrolling in the Rabbinic Ordination Course that you appreciate the task ahead. We do not want you to become disappointed, discouraged or heaven forbid become confused and lose faith and faithfulness. The Judaic Studies Institute wants to help you grow in your faith and faithfulness. We are passionate that all the Children of Israel continue to draw closer, building on their relationship with Yeshua----- equipped to take the Living Torah to the Nations.....We concur with Yeshua when He said:


The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Therefore beseech the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into His harvest.”  Matthew 9:37-38 [NASB]


If you believe strongly that you have a call on your life to become a “Rabbi” and want to pursue this call, then click on the link below and you will be sent the appropriate course information pack and details.


Rabbi Philip Hammond,

President of Judaic Studies Institute.


PS: We are persuaded exciting times lay ahead for the Children of Israel. We ask that you pray earnestly about this opportunity and help us take The Living Torah to the Nations......We look forward to sending you an information pack.



PS. PS. If you are a little hesitant about entering into the Rabbinic Ordination Course, perhaps consider one of the other courses we offer.....Again we look forward to sending you an information pack.