Rabbinic Semicha (Ordination)



Do You...Believe God is calling you to the "office" of Rabbi?

Have a deep desire in your heart to serve The Almighty as a Rabbi of an assembly?

Seeking to further understand the Hebraic foundation of your faith through the lens of Yeshua?

See yourself undergoing the program to become ordained as a Rabbi?

Looking to spread the Word of The Almighty and take the Living Torah to the Nations.


IF YES...then read on.


Two Pastors desired to become Rabbis...


Both the same age, married with families and seeking to understand more about the "Jewish" side of their Christian faith.


Both had strong Christian backgrounds, followed their calling to teach and preach the Word of the Almighty and enrolled in the Rabbinic Ordination Program.


Winding forward four years we find very different outcomes...One was continuing his studies, discovering nuggets of scriptural gold, growing and maturing in faith and faithfulness.


Blessed by a supportive family he faithfully completed the studies, the thrill og such, evident for all to see...


The congregation embraced the change, loving the whole experience. Attendance increased, faithfulness soared.


The day of ordination arrived. Excitement and joy filled the air. A special event unfolded. Witnessed by family, congregation and guests, a moment never to be repeated, blessed by the Almighty God of Israel.


For this young Pastor...a Born Again experience...Baruch HaShem!


What of the other young man? Sadly he ceased his studies with JSI and circumstances arose causing difficulties.


New teachings clashed with old dogmas and his enthusiasm waned. The congregation was concerned he was becoming "too Jewish". Finding it a difficult road to travel, he withdrew from the program. The obstacles were too great.


You see, this program is not for everyone - exciting as it is. It means a shift in thought and practice.


The Judaic Studies Institute is focused on providing material, programs and guidance to take the Living Torah to the Nations!


We concur with Yeshua when He said:

"The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Therefore beseech the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into His harvest. Matthew (Mattiyahu) 9:37-38 NASB


Not forgetting what James (Yaakov) had to say:

"Let not many of you become teachers, for my brethren, knowing that as such we shall incur a stricter judgement." James (Yaakov) 3:1 NASB


There is no greater call than to represent the Holy One of Israel! So if you:

Believe the Almighty is calling you to become a Rabbi and you want to pursue this call...click here...your course information packet will follow. We await your response.


Berachot b'Yeshua (Blessings in Yeshua),

The Staff of the Judaic Studies Institute.


PS: Exciting and challenging times lay ahead, please pray earnestly about this opportunity! Help us take the Living Torah to the Nations!


PPS: If you are a little hesitant about entering into the Rabbinic Ordination Program, consider one of the other programs we offer. We look forward to sending your information packet.