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United In Torah And Moshiach


United In Torah And Moshiach, also known as UITAM, is the Organizational arm of the Judaic Studies Institute. Anticipating there would be a need for an organization where graduating and practicing Rabbis would desire to join themselves and their congregations to the Beit Din of JSI formed the UITAM.


Our desire is to build bridges between Judah, the Ten Tribes and the Nations. Communication is the key where "iron sharpens iron." Our desire is to see one people united in Messiah Yeshua and walking in the covenant of Torah.


The Beit Din of JSI is also the Beit Din of UITAM, hence its leadership and Rabbinic Court to resolve problems within its member congregations.


UITAM has also put into place a restoration process to Judaic beliefs for those who have a longing and desire to become part of the House of Judah. For details on how to go about this process of conversion please contact us at reconciliation@jsi-edu.orgOne’s heart and all of one’s being must be willing to become part of Judah and submit oneself to the requirements of UITAM.


Restoration to Judaic beliefs is not a requirement to be part of UITAM but many have expressed the desire to follow this path and UITAM has made this available.


For the returning Ten Tribes and those coming in from the Nations, there is the option to follow the path of conversion to become part of Judah or remain part of the Ten Tribes but a course of study in Judaic Studies must be taken to understand one’s place in the commonwealth of Israel and its foundations that stretch all the way back to the beginning. We must remember our father Jacob/Israel’s blessing over Judah on his deathbed.


Genesis 49:10 The scepter shall not depart from Judah, nor the ruler's staff from between his feet, until tribute comes to him; and to him shall be the obedience of the peoples. (Gen 49:10 ESV)


While Israel is made up of twelve tribes only one, Judah, was chosen to lead. The Almighty’s kingdom is not a democracy and its chosen leader was to be from Judah until the day Messiah ben Yosef and ben David comes, who we believe to be Yeshua.


UITAM is governed by the written Torah and aided in its understanding through the Rabbinic writings known as the Talmud and other Jewish writings by the sages of Judah as well as the Writings of Shalichim. We always defer to the written Torah but understand at times we need further aid in understanding the Torah of our Father. If a rabbinic commentary or opinion transgresses the written Torah we must set it aside for it was given to us by men. If a rabbinic commentary or opinion exceeds what is required in the written Torah of our Father one has the option to add that to the written Torah mitzvot and exceed what our Father has given but we understand that we cannot require anyone else to follow a rabbinic commentary or opinion only what the written Torah requires. In those instances, where questions arise they will be presented to the Beit Din who will render a decision that its members agree to comply with. There must be accountability within the Body of the UITAM and the students and graduates of JSI. The days of everyone “doing their own thing” must come to an end if we are to be ready for what is to come in the days ahead.


We welcome inquiries and extend the invitation to become part of the growing UITAM family. 


The UITAM Beit Din



UITAM is something different. We represent the link between Judaism, the Ten Tribes and the Nations.