JSI-Judaic Studies Institute, has from its inception, believed it to be necessary that those who graduate from JSI, in any teaching or leadership capacity must be connected to source of accountability. To meet that need JSI formed UITAM-United In Torah And Moshiach, an organization that can offer accountability to all of its graduates and the congregations, home groups and Fellowships they lead. UITAM also offers membership for individuals, so they can find a home either on-line or at one of its member groups.

Membership Benefits

One of the benefits for member groups is the ability to host a JSI Satellite School.

Members Benefits

Members can receive 10% off of JSI tuition for all Certificate and Diploma classes and courses they take.


The need for fellowship has never been greater than it is today as the world is spinning out of control. All Believers in Messiah Yeshua must stand together and pray for one another and the leaders of their groups.



Etz Chayim-Tree of Life Messianic Congregation

PO Box 467, Organ, NM 88052 *

Meeting for Shabbat and all Biblical Moedim (Festivals)

Service Saturday 1:00PM, with Davidic Dance, Praise and Worship, Semi Traditional Service, Torah Teaching, Haftarah and Apostolic Scripture Teachings, Potluck, Bible Study, and close with Havdallah.


Tree of Life Messianic Ministries

PO Box 467, Organ, NM 88052

Tree of Life Messianic Ministries is the publication arm for Rabbi Mordecai Silver's books and DVD's. Check out his books and DVD's at . Rabbi Mordecai also has a prison ministry that provides his books to inmates, in correctional institutions, throughout the United States. There is no cost for this outreach but donations are gratefully accepted. Simply click on the PayPal link at to make a tax-deductable contribution to this much needed ministry that gets the teachings of Messiah Yeshua to those who are incarcerated.


The Congregation at Pearland

Meeting for Erev Shabbat as a Home Group

Contact for day and time.


Deborahs Messianic Ministries

Meeting in the Chicago Area

Contact for day, time, and location