What is the Reconciliation Outreach?


Build a bridge of trust, respect and harmony between Judah, Ephraim (Ten Tribes, Two Houses or Two Sticks) and the Nations. This desire is to bring all Believers in Yeshua together as one people, Am Echad, into one nation - Israel.


Help with the process of healing and forgiveness between all involved in the reconciliation process.


Educate all involved on the positions held by the other to promote reconciliation.


Work towards the return of the Whole House of Israel to the Promised Land.


Develop a core body of people who are passionate about the Biblical Prophecies of the eventual reconciliation of all Israel, who can carry this project forward in a mature and responsible manner.


Provide material that will help with the education of Judah, the Ten Tribes (Ephraim) and the Nations.


Hold meetings with various people, bodies and institutions that have an interest in this work.


Above all, to glorify the Holy One of Israel.


So we begin this work, with courage, wisdom, patience, humility, and love; praying that Hashem will provide all these along with our other needs as He sees fit. If you have an interest in becoming involved in some way, please contact Rabbi Yochanan Hammond, Ph.D., at reconciliation@jsi-edu.org.



The Reconciliation Outreach of UITAM is to work with Judah, the Ten Tribes and the Nations. Our desire is build bridges and to be able to sit down and talk to one another in peace and understanding as equals.